CWI Travel

Thinking about the amazing places where art can be viewed around the world, we got inspired to combine our love of art with our love of travel. CWI Travel prides itself on its unique ability to combine your personal passion (for art, for wine, for cycling, for architecture, for history, for culinary experiences, etc.) and your love of travel.

CWI Travel is associated with Cruises & Tours Unlimited, one of the nation’s largest travel companies, so we have access to everything you need to find the best cruise or resort vacation you could possibly dream of at a fantastic price.

So, next time you start to daydream about taking a cruise or going on vacation, look at available trips on our website at or, just call us at 442-248-8911!

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We believe that inner growth and expansion is a natural bi-product of traveling. To support in this growth we offer the support of an agency in planning and booking your future travel.