CWI Collection

This stirring collection of canvas paintings serves to bring our awareness to contrasting human patterns and call us all forward into a higher vibration. Success, happiness, and health proceed from positive patterns. Failure, suffering and eventual sickness result from the influence of weak patterns.

As you can see from the paintings, the artist takes two words that embody contrasting or similar qualities. The simple act of reviewing the word set can increase your awareness of the patterns running in your life.

For example, as you can see from the first canvas, we have an adjective that describes a positive pattern: Liberating.

The second canvas reveals an adjective that describes a weak negative pattern: Restricting.

To receive maximum value, the artist suggests viewing each painting separately at first. Take a few moments with each, asking yourself:
What emotions do I feel coming forward when viewing this word? Do I feel enlivened or uplifted? Do I feel brought down or repressed?
Look at both canvases side by side. Which canvas represents a positive pattern? Which represent the negative pattern?
With 140 sets of words, some appear to be no-brainers, a conscious knowing. Others may be a little harder to detect.
Ultimately, these paintings serve as a tool for personal growth; a tool we can use to ask ourselves a few very important questions:

How do I relate to the world?

Do I choose the positive human patterns?

How often do I find myself defaulting to the negative human pattern?

How do I feel about my own patterns in life that I tend to be drawn to?

The goal is to encourage this awareness within ourselves as we go through life. And don't worry, if you find yourself drawn to the negative pattern, it may only be an indication that there's work to be done. Acknowledge this inside yourself, forgive yourself, and make an intention to focus on the positive note moving forward.
See for yourself how aligning with the positive patterns can increase success, happiness, and health.

Brilliant vs. Clever

Involved vs. Obsessed

Accepting vs. Rejecting

Trusting vs. Gullible

Harmonious vs. Disruptive

Cheerful vs. Manic